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03 avril 2011


Our final exam is on Friday May 29.

Our last class is on Friday June 6. You will prepare a short (5min) presentation of your research.


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Challenging schools

Article about teaching in challenging schools:


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Young, British and Violent

This is an article about teenage violence in the U.K.:


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Mr. Grimes: dealing with discipline problems in the classroom

This is a video used in a teacher training program in the 1940s. It shows us how to deal with discipline problems in the classroom. Watch the video and try to answer all the questions on the worksheet:



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A chorus of disapproval

An article about French education that says the French system is too tough on pupils:


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Positive/Negative aspects of the French education system

Listen to the following interview:



1. What was the problem with Hugh's son's play?

2. What does he like about French school?

3. What does he criticize?

4. In his opinion, what is missing from French education? Do you agree with him?

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More pictures!


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Why are stories important?

Read this document about why reading to children is important? Do you agree?

Did you like to read as a child? Do you enjoy reading now?


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03 décembre 2010

Language learning/teaching

We had a debate about the importance of learning languages.

We learned that learning languages in high school in the U.K. is no longer compulsory and that a lot of language departments in British universities are facing budget cuts.

Here are two articles that deal with this problem:



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